Liebster Award 1, 2, & 3

“When life brings you full circle, pay attention. There’s a lesson there.”Mandy Hale

Hi all,

I hope you’re all doing fantastically today!

I was lucky enough to be nominated 3 times for the Liebster award, by Danielle, Bored Blogger and Phannie. Thank you all so much for tagging me, I really do appreciate it! If you’re not following them already, please do! All of their blogs are fantastic and deserve a read and follow! Click on their names to be linked to their blogs 🙂

What is the Liebster award?

It’s an award that only exists on the internet and is given to bloggers by fellow bloggers. Liebster is a word of  German origin and means ‘sweetest’, ‘dearest’, ‘nice’ and ‘beloved’, which is so lovely.

Here are the Rules:

– Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
– Answer the 11 questions they gave you on your award post.
– Nominate 5-11 bloggers for the award.
– Give them 11 questions to answer on their blog.
– Write a 150-300 words on what your favourite blogs are (not your own). Explain why and leave links.
– Optional: include 10 random facts about yourself on your post.
I nominate the following people (there’s only a few as I know that most people have already been nominated for this award!):

Maggie –
Vicki –
Makenzie –
Libby –

I decided to include all of the nominations and answers in one post rather than three separate ones, hope that’s okay!


ash x

Danielle’s Questions:

1. Why did you start blogging, and when?

I started blogging because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I couldn’t decide what to blog about for a long time, until one day I thought well I love books, I want to eventually become a book editor, so why aren’t I book blogging already! It combines two things I love to do, and I’m so glad I decided to blog.

2. Who are your favourite authors?

This is a tough one as I have so many. But to name a few, Darren Shan, J. K. Rowling, J. R. R. Tolkien, Roald Dahl and Giovanna Fletcher.

3. Name a book that made an impact on your life, and why?

I’d have to say the first four Harry Potter books, by J. K. Rowling. I began to read the first four in the series when I was around 7/8 years old. I thought they were so fantastic and they made me love reading more than I already did. It also inspired me to start writing.

I remember my mother telling me that my teacher at the time, Mrs Jones, was rather concerned about my reading. She explained to my mother during Parent’s Evening that I was uninterested in the school books I was meant to be reading at home. My mother apologised to her, and explained that I’d been reading Harry Potter in my spare time, which is why I was uninterested and behind on my school reading. It wasn’t because I disliked reading, it was because I’d found something I loved to read instead.

Mrs. Jones then said to my mother that if I’m reading Harry Potter then I can forget about reading the school books altogether. She was so impressed by it. So thanks J. K. Rowling for writing amazing books that got me out of doing school work!

4. When do you find the time to blog?

I’ll be honest, it’s difficult sometimes to fit it around work, especially after a long day, but I usually blog after work and on my days off. It’s something enjoyable though, and is quite relaxing. 🙂

5. If you could be any super hero, who would you be and why?

Definitely Spider-Man. Although I hate spiders, Spider-Man is my favourite super hero, so I’d have to choose him.

6. When did you start enjoying reading?

For as long as I can remember, since I was a very young child. 🙂

7. What is your favourite book or series?

Again, this is a tough question as there are so many. I think I’d have to go for The Harry Potter series, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Demonata series.

8. Would you rather explore the deep ocean or outer space?

Definitely outer space, it fascinates me so much!

9. How long would you survive the zombie apocalypse. Justify your answer.

I’d like to say a good while. I’m a good organiser and rational thinker. I can also pack a punch if needed so I reckon I could fight off some zombies for a while and find a good place to stay safe. Me and a few friends have planned our zombie apocalypse plan already (sad I know), so I think we’d be well prepared!

In reality though, I bet I’d panic and die straight away lol!

10. If you were going to be a character in somebody’s book, who would you want to write it?

Definitely Darren Shan, I reckon he’d make me an awesome kick-ass character!

11. What is your Hogwart’s house?

I’m 100% a Ravenclaw and proud!

Bored Blogger’s Questions:

1. What do you love most about blogging?

It definitely has to be the book blogging community. Everyone I have met since starting around 2 months ago have been so welcoming and kind. I know I’ve said this a lot, but I’ve seriously been blown away by how lovely everyone has been to me, especially everyone in @GreatBloggerGC on Twitter. Ily guys!

2. Would you like to eventually blog for a living? If not what are your career aspirations?

It would be pretty amazing to be able to blog for a living and it is definitely something I;d love to be able to do one day! I also want to become a book editor, which is definitely at the top of my career aspirations.

3. Who do you look up to most in life (celebrity, friend, family member) and why?

I’m going to say my Bampi and Nanna.

My Bampi passed away when I was 10 years old, and I still miss him every single day. He was the most amazing, funny person you’d ever meet, everyone knew and loved him. If I could be even half the person he was, I know that I’ve had a successful life.

My Nanna passed away nearly two years ago. She was always so supportive of me, especially when it came to school, university and career aspirations. She always told me how much she believed in me and that I would achieve what I want to achieve. I know that she would be so proud of me getting a 2:1 degree and for chasing my dreams of becoming a successful Book Editor and Blogger.

They were both amazing people who I have the pleasure of being able to look up to.

4. What’s your favourite book?

Answers are in the previous set of questions. 🙂

5. What are you most proud of yourself for? Something you’ve done/achieved? Something you’ve overcome?

I’m definitely going to say getting a 2:1 degree in English Literature and History. Although I absolutely LOVED my whole university experience, it was definitely the most difficult thing I’ve experienced in life so far. It was so emotionally, mentally and physically draining at times, and a few times I did want to give up. But I stuck with it and I’m so proud of what I achieved.

6. What’s your biggest guilty pleasure?

Definitely cheesy pop music, such as Westlife, Busted, McFly etc.

7. Which three countries would you most like to visit?

America, Germany and Iceland.

8. If you could give one piece of advice to the you from one year ago what would it be?

Don’t give up or doubt yourself. You know that everything happens for a reason. Stick to your guns and what you believe in, and have the full confidence to take a leap of faith. You may go through a tough couple of months, but trust me, what’s on the other side of it is so much better than you could have ever imagined!

9. What makes you laugh the most?

Funny films, people and cats mainly.

10. What’s your favourite quote?

I think I’m going to say this one by Many Hale – “When life brings you full circle, pay attention. There’s a lesson there.” It’s been so true this year, in a good way.

11. Are you an introvert or extrovert?

I’m 100% an introvert, always have been and always will be. I like that though. 🙂

Phannies Questions:

1. What country would you like to travel to?

Answered in the last set of questions. 🙂

2. What is your blog about?

All things book related, of course!

3. Do you have a preferred writing time?

It’s not a preferred time, but I usually end up writing at night. I’m terrible for procrastinating during the day and early evening!

4. What do you do to relax?

I have a nice Bubble bath, with lots of Lush bath products, a scented candle and a good book.

5. Mention your favourite bloggers.

To name a few:
Danielle –
Sarah –
Lucy –
Lori –
Megs –

6. Do you have a cat or a dog?

I currently have a 14 week old black and white kitten, called Luna (yes after Luna Lovegood). 🙂

I also have a 17 year old fluffy ginger cat called Maddie, that now lives with my grandparents, and two family dogs, a Labradoodle called Bailey, and an English Spaniel called Poppy, who live with my mother and step father.

I’m definitely a cat person, although I do love dogs and mostly all other animals – apart from spiders, eurgh.

Shoutout to my Robo dwarf hamster, Mr. Noodle too, he’s such a cutie. I couldn’t mention all of the other animals without mentioning him too!

7. Your Top 5 favourite posts of this year? (Can be your own or from another blogger)

In no particular order:
1. My Burn, Reread or Rewrite post – – It was really fun to do.

2. Kris’s Down The TBR Hole posts – – I think it’s a great idea and can’t wait to start doing it too.

3. Beth’s Ted Bundy post –
She’s recently started a crime files blog and it’s so interesting to read.

4. Fernanda’s Top 5 Wednesday posts – – I love the idea of this and because of her posts I’ve started to do this myself too. Alway enjoy reading her answers too.

5. My Turning a New Page… post –
It’s what kick started my book blogging off and it’s one of my faves because I’m so glad I decided to start blogging again!

8. Do you have any goals for this year?

Yes, my goals were to read more, to start blogging again, to drink more water and to be more healthy.

In regards to my blog though, I would be over the moon if I reached 300 WordPress followers by the end of December. 😀

9. Do you have a routine?

Yes on days when I’m in work. Not on my days off though, I just like to see where the day takes me. 🙂

10. Movie or TV show?

Both, it really depends on the type of mood I’m in.

11. Do you listen to music while reading?

Sometimes, it really depends on my mood and the book. Sometimes I have to have silence, other times I like quiet noise in the background. If I have to concentrate on the book, rather than reading for leisure, I usually need silence.

My questions:

1. What is your favourite genre of books?
2. What is your patronus?
3. If you could be any fictional character, who would you be and why?
4. What is your go-to snack food?
5. Describe yourself in 3 words.
6. What’s your biggest pet peeve?
7. If you could choose any actor to play you in a film, who would it be and why?
8. Serious question here: pineapple on pizza. Yay or Nay?
9. Are you left handed or right handed?
10. What is your favourite fictional place?
11. What advice would you give to someone stuck in a reading slump?

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32 thoughts on “Liebster Award 1, 2, & 3

  1. Olivia Gennaro says:

    Your cats sound adorable! And I love what your teacher did when she found out you really did love to read! Sometimes teachers don’t consider home life and it’s a shame

    Liked by 1 person

  2. wolflibby0914 says:

    Great answers and thanks for the tag, i am going to be writing this down either today or tomorrow, so be on the look out, i may be posting a post or two today because i have not posted sicen monday. lol thanks again for the tag girl,

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Danielle @ The Introverted Book Nerd says:

    Oh my heart, Ash. ❤️ Thank you so much for saying I’m one of your favorite bloggers! You’re one of my favorites as well and I’m so happy I’ve gotten to know you better over the course of the last few months! Wonderful answers! It’s so great hearing how HP got you outta school work! That is just completely awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

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