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If you’re anything like me, you have what feels like an endless TBR list. I personally use Goodreads to keep track of my TBR list, but whether you use a physical list or whatever you find most helpful, you can still do this post too.

The person who created this idea is called Lia and you can check out her blog and Down the TBR posts here. I think this is such a great idea.

The point of these posts is simple. It’s a way of sifting through your TBR list regularly to make sure you still want to read the books you’ve added and remove ones that you no longer want to read.

My TBR list on Goodreads currently stands at a whopping 531! So I definitely think these weekly posts will help me to get on top of it.

Here is how these posts will work:

– Go to your Goodreads to-read shelf.
– Order on ascending date added.
– Take the first 5 (or 10 if you’re feeling adventurous) books
– Read the synopses of the books (I’m agoing to post the synopsis of each book too, incase anyone is interested in hearing more about the books.)
– Decide: keep it or should it go?

Here’s a link to my other Down The TBR Hole posts if you want to check them out:

1. The Life We Almost Had – Laura Miller

Back before everyone left the little town of Sweet Home to the ghosts, she was the girl next door. And he was the boy, who could never get on her father’s good side. But none of that mattered. The only thing that mattered was that her heart had picked him.

But that was years ago. And now, Berlin’s sister is praying for someone to show up to take her brother’s mind off the girl from his past. And surely enough, that someone does. But will this girl be able to cut the chains of his first love or will she just make him fall harder for that little girl he left behind in Sweet Home, Missouri? 

Judgement: Bye
I don’t remember adding this to my TBR!

2. The Bells and Other Poems – Edgar Allan Poe

Judgement: Bye
I probably wouldn’t purchase this as I think that a few of his poems are in an anthology that I already own.

3. Life, Love & Everything in Between – K. Loma

A story about life of love between two souls; love that defies social confines while their lives face an unexpected destiny. Sam and Alex are fraternal twins – two souls together since birth; innocent, inquisitive and involved who explore and extend their heartfelt love for each other beyond the social confines, without being aware that their lives have a different destiny that neither had planned nor dreamed.

Judgement: Bye
The synopses doesn’t really grab my attention.

4. All Smiles – Landon S. Booth 

Sometimes life can be a cruel and scary thing. Sometimes you feel like an outcast. You feel alone in the world sometimes. Life likes to throw things at you and it is up to you how you handle it. How much can you take from life until you break? What happens when you lose everyone you love? Most importantly, how do you keep your sanity? From the mind of LSBcomics comes a sad and horrific story about a teenage kid whose life seems to be plagued by misfortune and wickedness. Approach this novel with an open mind. Try to relate to the characters thoughts and feelings, and remember… Every detail has vital importance. Short, thrilling, twisted, suspenseful, and down right tear jerking. Landon Booth proudly presents, “All Smiles.”

Judgement: Keep
This book sounds like an interesting read.

5. Graveyard – Ed Warren

Ghosts are always hungry, someone once said and no one knows how ravenous they really are more than Ed & Lorraine Warren, the world’s most renowned paranormal investigators. For decades, Ed and Lorraine Warren hunted down the truth behind the most terrifying supernatural occurrences across the nation… and brought back astonishing evidence of their encounters with the unquiet dead. From the notorious house immortalized in The Amityville Horror to the bone-chilling events that inspired the hit film The Conjuring, the Warrens fearlessly probed the darkness of the world beyond our own, and documented the all-too-real experiences of the haunted and the possessed, the lingering deceased and the vengeful damned. Graveyard chronicles a host of their most harrowing, fact-based cases of ghostly visitations, demonic stalking, heart-wrenching otherworldly encounters, and horrifying comeuppance from the spirit world. If you don t believe, you will. And whether you read it alone in the dead of night or in the middle of a sunny day, you’ll be forever haunted by its gallery of specters eager to feed on your darkest dread.

Judgement: Keep
I love a good scary book and I think I’ll definitely enjoy this!

6. The Greatest: My Own Story – Muhammad Ali

In his own words, the heavyweight champion of the world pulls no punches as he chronicles the battles he faced in and out of the ring in this fascinating memoir edited by Nobel Prize-winning novelist, Toni Morrison.

Growing up in the South, surrounded by racial bigotry and discrimination, Ali fought not just for a living, but also for respect and rewards far more precious than money or glory. He was named Sportsman of the Century by Sports Illustrated and the BBC. Ali redefined what it meant to be an athlete by giving hope to millions around the world and inspiring us all to fight for what is important to us.

This is a multifaceted portrait of Muhammad Ali only he could render: sports legend; unapologetic anti-war advocate; outrageous showman and gracious goodwill ambassador; fighter, lover, poet, and provocateur; an irresistible force to be reckoned with.

Who better to tell the tale than the man who went the distance living it?

Judgement: Bye
I don’t think I would end up reading this.

7. Outcasts – B.D. Fresquez

Judgement: Bye
I must have added this to my TBR from a Goodreads competition as I don’t remember doing so myself. There is no synopses included for the book so I’m going to take this off my TBR.

8. The Space Between – Meg Grehan

It’s New Year’s Eve, and Beth plans to spend a whole year alone, in her snug, safe house. But she has reckoned without floppy-eared, tail-wagging Mouse, who comes nosing to her window. Followed shortly by his owner, Alice. As Beth’s year of solitude rolls out, Alice gently steals her way first into Beth’s house and later into her heart. And by the time New Year’s Eve comes round again – who knows?

A tender and delicate love story in verse, The Space Between is a tale of how warmth, support and friendship can overcome mental anguish.

Judgement: Keep
I’ve heard great things about this book.

9. The Silent Companions – Laura Purcell

Inspired by the work of Shirley Jackson and Susan Hill and set in a crumbling country mansion, The Silent Companions is an unsettling gothic ghost story to send a shiver down the spine…

Newly married, newly widowed Elsie is sent to see out her pregnancy at her late husband’s crumbling country estate, The Bridge.

With her new servants resentful and the local villagers actively hostile, Elsie only has her husband’s awkward cousin for company. Or so she thinks. But inside her new home lies a locked room, and beyond that door lies a two-hundred-year-old diary and a deeply unsettling painted wooden figure – a Silent Companion – that bears a striking resemblance to Elsie herself..

Judgement: Keep
This books sounds great.

10. The Resurrector – Layton Green

A modern day Dr. Frankenstein, probing the secrets of life and death. 

A secret society spawned by the greatest evil the world has ever known. 

Two men racing against the clock to stop the spread of a horrific virus. 

On three different continents, a mysterious illness has baffled scientists and incited worldwide panic. When a tattoo steeped in Aryan mysticism is found on one of the victims, a South African boy who walked into his township a month after his own funeral, Interpol turns to Professor Viktor Radek and Dominic Grey for help. 

After racing from Atlanta to Rekyjavik to Cape Town, Grey and Viktor come to believe the deadly virus is connected to a resurgence of a legendary arm of the Nazi party. A global organization whose leader might be a notorious brain surgeon rumored to have performed illicit tests during Apartheid, and who might be continuing his experiments from a sun-drenched manor in the Western Cape. 

As the victims of the virus mount and the chance for a cure fades, the world’s only hope to prevent a catastrophe beyond imagining rests in the hands of a broken warrior and a relentless professor, facing the darkest of forces.

Judgement: Keep
I like the sound of this book.

This week I’ve kept 5/10 of these books, not too bad! Have you read any of these books? If so, what ones? I’d love to know in the comments below. 🙂

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