Books, Birthdays and Baker Days! (Plus discount voucher)

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Hi everyone,

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I can’t wait to share today’s post with you, it includes books and cake – the perfect combination in my opinion!


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On 22nd April it was my mother’s birthday. Like me, she loves books and more importantly, cake. As she’s always loved the idea of owning her own cafe, she enjoys to read books about cafes. In October, I won a copy of Summer at the Comfort Food Café by Debbie Johnson.

When I entered the competition on Goodreads, I didn’t realise it was the third book in the series. It had been sitting on my bookshelf since then as I never got around to buying the previous two books. But then it got me thinking, it would be a great idea to buy all of the books in the series for her birthday. Having read the synopses of all the books, they sound great.

Also, let me know if you want me to ask my mother to write a mini review of each of them for my blog – I’ve never done this before, so it could be fun! 🙂


When I was contacted by Baker Days and took a look at their website, I jumped at the chance to work with them. Their cakes looked delicious and it would be the perfect combination with the books for my mother’s birthday.

Disclaimer – I received a free cake in return for an honest review. All views are my own and I was not influenced to say anything I have said in this post. 🙂

Here is the cake I chose:


I was so impressed by it when it came. I chose the design, font and colour of the writing on the website. They had a wide range of everything to choose from. It looked exactly how I designed it when it arrived. With the personalisation process, it shows you how it will look when it comes and you can play around with the designs until you choose one you like.

What is great about Baker Days, is that they cater for many people as you can chose wheat free, gluten free and dairy free options too. In regards to the flavour of the cake, I went for the traditional sponge. My mother isn’t a huge lover of chocolate so I thought this would be the best flavour. I was impressed by the wide range of flavours you can choose from:

– Traditional Sponge
– Rich Chocolate Chip
– Gluten Wheat Free Sponge
– Heavenly Red Velvet
– Dairy Free Sponge
– Fabulous Fruit
– Half Chocolate Half Sponge
– Marble Cake
– Half Vanilla Half Chocolate

The cake I received was the Letterbox Gift Cake. It was a mini cake that can fit through the letterbox. I’ll be honest, I was dubious that it would actually fit through my letterbox and survive the journey in one piece, but it did!  I was so impressed with how well it was presented and packaged.

Here are some photos:





I personally loved how it was packaged, especially as it came in a tin too. I didn’t expect this, and it was a nice added touch. I’ll definitely be using the tin to put some of my own baked goods in. I like that they’ve included their logo on the side of the tin too and the little card that came with the cake was a nice extra.

The cake lasted the journey and was not damaged at all. It fitted perfectly through the letterbox and arrived in a perfect condition. I ordered the cake for the 21st April, to make sure it arrived in time for my mothers birthday on the 22nd. It actually arrived through the letterbox on the 20th April which was great as it arrived in plenty of time.

Here is how the cake looked when you opened the tin:

It included instructions on how to remove the cake from the tin without damaging. The box Baker Days sent me also included some information about the cake. It included a detailed ingredients list and the cake’s best before date.

Although all of the ingredients are already stated on the website when you order the cake, it’s great they included it in the box too. You know exactly what’s in the cake and this is definitely great if you’re ordering a larger cake for a party and guests need to check the ingredients.

The cake itself was delicious. It was moist, sweet and icing tasted lovely. It wasn’t stale or hard and the buttercream inside was tasty! It lasts for a good few days after it has been delivered too. This is especially great if you’re ordering a larger cake and want to save the leftovers. For us, as it was a smaller cake, we devoured the cake in one sitting – it was too delicious not to!


They cater for so many ocassions. Not just birthdays, but Father’s Day, Anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, passing your driving test, Eid… you name it and they’ve got the cake to help you celebrate.

My experience with Baker Days definitely exceeded my expectations and I would definitely order from them again. They were really efficient, the cake was delicious, it arrived in time and there truly is nothing negative I can say about this brand. I would highly recommend them and I would definitely place an order with them again.

If you are interested in ordering a cake from their website:

I have a 15% off discount code you can use:


I hope you enjoyed this post. IT was great to write up something a little different that included two of my favourite things – books and cake! 🙂

What’s your favourite cake flavour? Let me know in the comments below!

Links to where you can buy the other things included in the photos:
Summer at the Comfort Food Café*
Christmas at the Comfort Food Café*
Coming Home to the Comfort Food Café*
Sunshine at the Comfort Food Café*
Sleepy Body Lotion – Lush

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