Book Review | Fully Functioning Human (Almost) – Melanie Murphy

Title: Fully Functioning Human (Almost): Living in an Online/Offline World
Author: Melanie Murphy
Publication date: 7th November 2017
My rating: ★★★☆☆
Goodreads rating: 4.12
Pages: 310
Genre: Young Adult (YA)/ Non-fiction/ Memoir/ Self Help

I personally purchased a copy of this book.

All views are my own and are not influenced in any way.

*Trigger Warnings – Sexual assault, discussions of mental health (depression and anxiety) and eating disorders (orthorexia and binge eating)*


Growing up in an online age, becoming an internet sensation with half a million followers on her YouTube Channel, Irish girl Melanie Murphy’s journey has been far from ordinary.

Here, in her first book, she shares the ups and downs of her life. From dealing with online bullying, to living with anxiety and eating disorders to coping with acne and coming to terms with her sexuality, Melanie shows us how through difficult times we can learn the most about ourselves. And that, by learning to value and love ourselves, we can overcome whatever life throws at us.

Overall opinion of the book:

If you’re not familiar with the author, Melanie Murphy is an award winning Irish Youtuber. She makes videos about a range of different things such as health, eating disorder recovery, acne, sex positivity, sexuality and beauty. I would highly recommend giving her videos a watch if you haven’t before, she’s truly inspirational and down to Earth. I also love how relatable and helpful her content is. You can check out her YouTube channel here.

I knew that if her book was anything like her videos, I would thoroughly enjoy it. When I saw that her audiobook was narrated by Melanie herself, I jumped at the chance to use my monthly Audible credit to listen to it. I’m so glad I did because it was great hearing her narrating it, it felt like I was listening to a nine hour video of hers.

Overall, I did enjoy this book. It’s not often I read non-fiction books that aren’t war related. The one thing I will say is it’s definitely aimed more towards a young adult/teenage audience. I’m 23, and it did seem a little more suited to an audience younger than me. Don’t let this put you off the book however, it’s still a great. It was definitely a book I could have benefitted from reading as a teenager. It especially would have helped me to hear about her experiences with acne being a former acne sufferer.

Fully Functioning Human (Almost) is based around Melanie’s life thus far, but it’s more than just an autobiography, it’s a self help book too. It provides so much great advice on topics such as eating disorders, sexuality, acne, anxiety, depression, sex and confidence. The book does cover some heavy content surrounding these topics and if you’re struggling with any of these you may find it a little triggering.

However, Melanie talks about these issues in a helpful way and provides readers with some really great advice on how to overcome and deal with certain situations. She handles these topics in such a brilliant manner and having gone through these struggles herself you know that her advice is genuine. I personally found aspects of her book helpful, such as her healthy foods suggestions and recipe ideas. I also rekindled my long lost love for sourdough bread, it’s just so good!

Although I listened to the audiobook, I particularly enjoyed Melanie’s writing style. It made me look forward to reading her first fiction novel when it’s released. I cannot comment on the spelling, punctuation and grammar as I listened to the book, but it sounded great!

Final thoughts:

Fully Functioning Human (Almost) takes on the role of the big sister that every teen needs growing up. It’s helpful, insightful, funny and overall a great read. It’s clear to see how much thought has gone into it and her brilliant personality shines through.

The book does seem to be aimed at a younger audience, but I think everyone can take something helpful from it. I would recommend this book and especially the audiobook.

If you would like to purchase a copy of this book, you can do so here:


What are your thoughts on YouTubers releasing books? It’s a highly debated topic and I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. 😊

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