Blogtober Day 3 | Booked Hooked Box | A New and Exciting YA Book Subscription Box

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How are you doing?

I’m going to keep this intro short and sweet as I want to jump right into explaining what this brilliant book box is all about!

Before I begin, I just want to say that Book Hooked Box was created by my utterly fantastic book blogging friend Sarah. I’ve had the honour to be her friend for over a year now and she is one of my favourite bloggers. She has a heart of gold and is always so supportive and lovely.

It genuinely would mean to world to me if you read this post in its entirety and support my friend on her new business venture. I’ve spoken with her about this box for months now, and I know how much hard work, time and dedication she’s put into making this box a reality. It would be absolutely amazing if you would help support this campaign. It genuinely is going to be an amazing book box.


What is Book Hooked Box?

Book Hooked Box is going to be a monthly Young Adult (YA) book subscription box that is hoping to launch in January 2019. Over the past few years, book boxes have become increasingly more popular and the owner of the company Sarah has been very interested in creating her own box to help readers indulge and relax while costing up with a book.

If you’re familiar with book boxes, then you may have noticed that the vast majority are quite expensive. Many people cannot afford the prices of a monthly subscription. This was something Sarah deeply considered while she was creating the idea of Book Hooked Box. She wanted to ensure that the box contained some brilliant products as well as being affordable.

The items Sarah has chosen for the boxes are ones that will help readers to relax while reading a book, and make the experience more enjoyable and indulgent. In many other book boxes, there are extra items included that may be nice, but are not always used. With Book Hooked Box, all the items included are ones that can be used and loved by those that purchase the subscription box.

What is included in each month’s Book Hooked Box?

Each month’s box will focus on a specific theme, and the products included in the box will relate to the book included in the box.

U.K. shipping is also included in the price of the box which is great!

Each month’s box will include:

  • A new release YA hardback book.
  • A glass jar candle or a bath/body product.
  • A cute little box of luxury chocolates.
  • A unique hot chocolate drink.
  • A themed piece of artwork.
  • Information letter.
  • Author letter (included in January’s box) 

Other bookish items may also be included as time goes on and/or as an exclusive gift.

How do I get my hands on a Book Hooked Box?

As mentioned above, Sarah is hoping to launch the company in January. There is currently an Indigogo crowd funding page for January’s box.

Here is a link to the purchase page:

On this page you can purchase the first ever Book Hooked Box at a discounted price and there are a number of different perks you can buy too.

If the goal set is reached, Sarah will be creating and sending out the first boxes mid January dependent on the book delivery time from the publisher, and the subscriptions will open in December.

If you choose a perk that includes the January box, you will automatically receive the January box and any other perk that you have backed will be inside the box.

Sarah is already in contact with publishers and suppliers for the following months in 2019 and Is currently reviewing book proofs to include in those boxes. It’s all so exciting!

The theme for January’s box is – Fairytales!

The Indigogo perks:

Here are all of the perks you can receive by backing the campaign. If you want to, you can also donate to the campaign without receiving a perk. But trust me when I say this, the perks are way too good to miss out on!

  • Early Bird Box: You will receive the January ‘Fairytales’ box at the early bird rate of £24.
  • International Early Bird Box: You will receive the January ‘Fairytales’ box at the early bird rate of £24. Shipping is not included in this price.
  • Box & Exclusive Gift: You will receive the January ‘Fairytales’ box and an exclusive limited edition ‘Alice In Wonderland’ themed bookmark, at the rate of £27.
  • Box & 2 Exclusive Gifts: You will receive the January ‘Fairytales’ box, an exclusive limited edition ‘Alice In Wonderland’ themed bookmark and an exclusive A5 ‘Fairytale’ themed piece of art work, at the rate of £30.
  • International Box & 2 Exclusive Gifts: You will receive the January ‘Fairytales’ box, an exclusive limited edition ‘Alice In Wonderland’ themed bookmark and an exclusive A5 ‘Fairytale’ themed piece of art work. Shipping is not included in this price.

Where do Book Hooked Box ship to outside of the U.K.?

USA, Canada, Netherlands, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Turkey, Sweden, Ireland, France, Finland, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Spain, Italy. 

Here are photos of the items confirmed for January’s Fairytale Box:

Exclusive limited edition ‘Alice In Wonderland’ themed bookmark created by Exclusive A5 ‘Fairytale’ themed piece of art work created by

A box of incredibly delicious chocolates:

An exclusive fairytale inspired 7oz candle created by

How amazing do these look?! 😍


That’s right! For every purchase, backers will be entered into a draw to win a FREE February box! The higher the perk you buy, the more times you’ll be entered:

On top of this, the first 40 backers of the campaign will also receive a 10% off February’s Book Hooked Box too. This really is such a bargain and something you definitely don’t want to miss out on!

Funding goals:

To launch the first box for January, Book Hooked Box needs £2000 to cover all of the item costs.

This includes:

  • All of the packaging (box, stickers, fillers etc)
  • Books from the publisher
  • Luxury chocolate boxes
  • Unique hot chocolate drinks
  • Custom candles manufacture and labour
  • Artist fees and art work printing costs
  • Delivery of all items
  • Shipping costs to customers

Perk/reward costs have come out of their pocket and the designers. Future website fees and maintenance will also be funded by themselves.

IndieGoGo will also take transaction fees per contribution and percentages from the final funding balance. Taking that into account, the goal will be £2200, to cover all costs.

17% of the money has already been raised. The campaign will run until 2nd November. So be quick and order your box ASAP before they go. This is something you won’t want to miss.

Here is a link to the Indigogo page again:

Please consider backing this absolutely fantastic business.

About Sarah, the owner of Book Hooked Box:

My name is Sarah and I am currently a book blogger at Book Hooked Nook. I started blogging because I wanted something that was mine and to spread the love for my biggest passion – books. Although I love my blog, this business has been in my sights for quite a while now and I’m ready to take the plunge and begin this journey. If this goes well, then I’m behind it 100% and will give my all to making this the best box that I possibly can. My husband Thomas is also on board and will be a huge help behind the scenes.

I’ve made so many genuine friends in the bookish community and this box is really for you guys – for inspiring me and making me believe that I can achieve great things!

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All of the photos included in this post are owned by Sarah Campbell and I have been given permission to use them.

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