Book Review | [Dis]Connected – Michelle Halket (editor)

Title: [Dis]Connected
Author: Michelle Halket
Publication date: 1st October 2018
My rating: ★★★
Goodreads rating: 3.88
Pages: 256
Genre: Poetry, Short Stories, Anthology

I received an E-ARC of this book in 2018 through NetGalley. All opinions and views are my own and are not influenced by receiving a review copy of this book in any way.

I would like to thank NetGalley, Central Avenue Publishing and of course, the authors. #gifted


Humanity exists in a hyper connected world, where our closest friends, loves and enemies lie but a keyboard stroke away. Few know this better than the poets who have risen to the top of their trade by sharing their emotion, opinion and art with millions of fans.

Combining the poetic forces of some of today’s most popular and confessional poets, this book presents poems and short stories about connection wrapped up in a most unique exercise in creative writing. Follow along as your favorite poets connect with each other; offering their poetry to the next poet who tells a story based on the concept presented to them. With poetry, stories and art, [Dis]Connected is a mixed media presentation of connection and collaboration.

Overall opinion of the book:

This book is a fantastic short read that encompasses both poetry and prose into one book. As the synopses suggests, the book covers a wide variety of themes, such as mental health, feminism, love, relationships, friendships and death. The book discusses some difficult topics that some people may find difficult and possibly triggering to read. It emphasises that whilst we are in a world that’s more connected than it’s ever been, we’ve become more disconnected from reality and each other than ever.

There are a brilliant mix of poets and writers that have contributed to this book, such as Amanda Lovelace, Sara Bond and Liam Ryan. There’s endless ways in which you can analyse and read into the pictures, poems and short stories in this collection which is what I loved the most. There’s nothing better than rereading a piece of writing and finding more meaning and interpretations each time.

Each writer wrote a poem and the poems were swapped and everyone was given someone else’s poem. They then had to write a short story based on the poem. This is such an interesting concept and one I’ve not seen done before. It makes this book a unique read. I loved the way in which each writer chose certain parts of the poems to focus on and reading how they interpreted them. It’s an interesting thought that this book could have been so different if the authors had to interpret different poems. It’s great that the book offers endless potential in how it could have been written. Everyone’s imagination is creative and valid in its own right.

Final thoughts:

If you’re looking for a completely different and unique read, this is the book for you. It’s interesting and appeals to so many different readers as it covers many different genres. The book is put together well and each story and poem is interesting and captivating.

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Have you read [Dis]Connected? What were your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments below. 😊

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17 thoughts on “Book Review | [Dis]Connected – Michelle Halket (editor)

  1. bookishcoffeeblog says:

    I am not a poetry fan, but this one actually sounds super interesting. It is awesome that they wrote short stories based on other people’s writing. Honestly, I would have loved to be a part of something like that because it would be fun to read someone else’s interpretation of my own work. Also, the subject matter this book covers is interesting and super relevant.

    Liked by 1 person

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