March Wrap Up | 2019

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re doing great.

How is it time for another monthly wrap up already? March flew by!

For this series I’ve decided not to write mini reviews for each book, but instead an unbiased summary of the book. I’ve included my ratings of them as a guideline into how much I enjoyed each book. 😊


11. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes – Caitlin Doughty

Rating: β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

Thoughts: This is a brutally honest look into the American Funeral system and discusses in detail what happens at a funeral home. Doughty talks about how death is accepted and celebrated in many cultures around the world, yet the Western world shys away from it. She discusses the unnatural “natural” embalming process, funeral directors upselling to grieving relatives and gives readers an honest insight into what working in a crematorium consists of. This read isn’t for the faint hearted, but it’s definitely an important one. It may remind readers of our impending mortality, but it also takes away the uncertainty surrounding what happens when we die.

Review: Possibly

12. The Friendship Cure – Kate Leaver*

Rating: β˜…β˜…β˜…

Thoughts: A book that will make you grateful for every single friend you have in your life, whether that be one or a hundred. It discusses every form of friendship you can encounter – romantic, bromances, female friendships, work mates and also toxic friendships. It emphasises the importance of having good friends in your life and how they can help with our mental health. The book also discusses the importance of getting rid of the toxic people in your life.

Review: Https://

13. The Familiars – Stacey Halls*

Rating: β˜…β˜…β˜…

Thoughts: A historical novel set in the 1600’s, based around the Pendle Witch Trials. If you love historical fiction and witches, this is the book for you. It follows Fleetwood and her determination to not miscarry and be with child. Alice, her midwife becomes imprisoned, accused of witchcraft. Fleetwood oozes feminism in a time where this was seen as a wife being outspoken. Let’s not forget how beautiful the cover of this book is.

Review: To follow

14. Jack of Hearts (And other Parts) – L. C. Rosen*

Rating: β˜…β˜…β˜…

Thoughts: An LGBT+ book that focuses on a teenager called Jack who is gay. He writes a sex advice column for his friend’s website and becomes the talk of the school. His sex life is notorious and always discussed in an over exaggerated way. The column is his chance to set things right, but instead it attracts a stalker that doesn’t like his choice in men.

Review: To follow

15. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Roald Dahl

Rating: β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

Thoughts: An absolutely magical book that follows five children into the notoriously famous Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Beautiful and hilariously written, Charlie experiences the Oompa-Loompa’s songs and the comeuppance of what happens to naughty children. A book that will make you crave chocolate and wish you could visit the factory yourself.

Review: No

*All of the books followed by an asterisk are ones I have been #gifted by either the publisher or author. All opinions are my own and are not influenced by receiving a free copy in any way.

That concludes second monthly wrap up. While I didn’t read as many books as the last two months in March, I’m still happy with the books I read!

Have you read any of these books? What were your thoughts on them? Let me know in the comments below. πŸ˜Š

11 thoughts on “March Wrap Up | 2019

  1. bookishluna says:

    I read Smoke Gets In Your Eyes by Caitlin Doughty maybe 2 years ago now and I already read her other book. Her writing is very inviting and her voice is very enjoyable. I remember thinking it is amazing how much of her passion and knowledge shows through in her writing, on top of that her respect and compassion.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ash Williams says:

      I don’t really stick to specific books as I’m a mood reader, but I have a few set aside for the OWLS readathon, The Chamber of Secrets, Fantastic Beasts and Because We Are Bad being a few 😊 Have you got any books you’re planning on reading in April?


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