Book Hooked Box | February ‘Surviving Disaster’ Unboxing

Hi everyone,

I hope you’ve had the best week. I’m very late posting this, I’m so sorry! Here’s my unboxing of the February Book Hooked Box ‘Surviving Disaster’. Spoiler alert there were some amazing products in this book!

Stick around to see what they were!

I’m sure you’ve all heard of this new amazing subscription box, but if you haven’t, Book Hooked Box is a monthly YA book subscription box.

Each month’s boxes contain:

– A brand new Hardback YA release (often with a signed bookplate and author letter)

– Exclusive themed artwork

– Exclusive bookmark

– A box of luxury chocolates

– A delicious hot drink

– Either a 7oz candle or a bath/shower product

– Often extra bookish themed items too

What I love about Book Hooked Box is that I use every item in the box. Often higher priced boxes contain many items I have no use for and I often would end up not using. With this box I’ve used every item so far, which is exactly what I want from a subscription box.

Book Hooked Box focuses on embracing your inner bookworm and includes items that are indulging and relaxing to use or eat while reading the book included. If you love books and want an excuse for some “self care – me time” then this is the box for you!

Without further ado, lets unbox February’s box!

I love the sticker on the tissue paper – it’s so cute!

Literally jam packed with goodies!

How beautiful was February’s themed artwork?! It fits into the dystopian theme so well and I love how much detail has gone into it, such as the shadows, the hair and shoes. It’s so well designed and thought out. It’s definitely going up in my study. It was designed by the very talented R. N. Merle.

The first product is the ‘Scorch Bombs’, inspired by The Scorch Trials and are exclusive to Book Hooked Box. They’re made by Ascent Bath and Body.

Omg I can’t tell you how amazing these bath balls were, they’re up there with my favourite product in these boxes so far. When I saw the description of the smell, I was so curious and wasn’t fully sure if I’d like the scent. But oh my word, they were one of the nicest smelling bath balls I’ve ever used and the they looked amazing in the bath too!

I wish I could include smellivision in this post so you can experience how nice they were. I also forgot to take a photo of the bath water after popping the bath ball in – doh! The bath was a gorgeous shade of crimson and definitely reflected the name, it left my skin feeling lovely and soft too.

You can still purchase a pack of these bath balls on the Book Hooked Box website separately for £5, I’d totally recommend it. I’m definitely going to be repurchasing these after I’ve used my final one I’ve been saving!

Here’s the link:

They’re so generous in their size too! Given that you’d pay around £5 for one Lush bath bomb the same size and you can get 4 of these for the same price is a total game changer! 😍

Here’s this month’s bookmark that was created by the talented Fiona at Felfira Moon Designs. I love the design so much!

These stirrers are so delicious and make such a rich, thick hot chocolate – yum! This was one of my favourite flavours so far, you could taste the salted caramel but it wasn’t overpowering, it was the perfect amount!

You can use these hot chocolate stirrers with any kind of milk. In February I just used some skimmed cow’s milk, but I really want to try one with coconut milk soon as I think it would taste glorious!

Here’s a lil boomerang to show you how thick and chocolatey the milk becomes because you can’t fully see that in photos. Doesn’t it look mouth watering 🤤🤤.

The stirrer was made by Pendragon Drinks in rural North Wales.

The next item was a bonus one, based around the dystopian Wormwood series. D. H. Nevins in an indie author and is such a lovely person. It’s great to see her books being repped in this box!

Book Hooked Box have included two exclusive character stickers and some information on the books. Be sure to check out the Wormwood series here and give D. H. Nevins a follow on Twitter too!

There’s still more items I hear you shout? Yes, yes there is! These chocolates are another personal highlight of the Book Hooked Box. They’re absolutely delicious! When the description says they’re luxury, it’s not lying. They’re genuinely some of the nicest chocolates I’ve ever tasted.

Now onto the book. This month’s YA book was:

Here’s the back cover and blurb:

How good does this sound? I can’t wait to get stuck into reading it!

We also received an exclusive author letter and signed bookplate too, which is such a great extra!

Finally here’s the spoiler card, as you can see we got everything stated in the box:

So that was everything included in Book Hooked Box’s February ‘Surviving Disaster’ Box. I hope you enjoyed this unboxing!

If you’d like to purchase May’s box, the theme is: ‘Dark Crafts’ you can do so here:

Monthly Subscription

May box single payment

Each box costs £25 which includes U.K. postage. If you live outside of the U.K. check their website to calculate shipping costs and too see if the box is available in your country. 😊

Here’s some more information about May’s theme:

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