2019 Goals // Final Update


Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all doing okay!

I usually post a summary of my goals for the year before the next year begins, but as I took an extended holiday from my blog this post is ever so slightly delayed.

Overall I was quite happy with all I achieved both online and offline this year and since my six month update I managed to cross off a few more things too!

What goals are you most proud of achieving in 2019? Let me know in the comments below!


ash x


1. Continue blogging

2. Read more books than I did in 2018

3. Complete my Goodreads challenge

4. Complete the Movie Poster challenge

5. Read 50 books

6. Listen to 5 audiobooks

7. Watch 100 films

8. Read as many books already in my bookshelf as I can

9. Only blog about the things I want to

10. Stick to my blogging schedule as much as possible

11. Schedule more blog posts

12. Catch up on the e-arcs I need to read

13. Be more wise when requesting e-arcs and arcs

14. Work from my office more – not the settee!

15. Go to at least 5 blogging/book meetings/events

16. Connect with more bloggers on WordPress and online

17. Dedicate more time to reading other blogger’s posts

18. Meet up with more bloggers

19. Complete a reading challenge

20. Complete Blogmas or Blogtober

21. Reach out to more publishers about arcs

22. Receive unexpected book mail

23. Be put on a few more PR/blogger lists

24. Have 2,000 blog followers on WordPress/email

25. Have 20,000 blog views overall

26. Have 10,000 blog comments overall

27. Have 8,000 blog post likes overall

28. Have 10,000 blog visitors overall

29. Go self hosted

30. Earn money from blogging

31. Gain more opportunities

32. Keep enjoying myself!



1. Dedicate more time to Bookstagram

2. Have 1,000 Bookstagram followers (on book instagram not personal)

3. Use Instagram how I want without any pressure of what it should be like

4. Have 1,500 followers on personal Instagram

5. Use Instastories more often

6. Have 5,000 Twitter followers

7. Do more giveaways

8. Discover more bloggers

9. Don’t engage in negativity online

10. Spend 20 days completely off Social Media

11. Have 200 Facebook likes

12. Share my blog posts on Social Media more

13. Reply to more blog comments

14. Potentially start Booktube

15. Set up a blogging support chat



1. Travel to 3 new places in the U.K.

2. Go on holiday abroad

3. Write more creatively (fiction, poetry, etc)

4. Save money

5. Go to more life events (gigs, shows, etc)

6. Say yes to more things

7. Eat healthier

8. Start exercising more regularly

9. Lose 2 stone

10. Drink more water

11. Look after myself more

12. Challenge my anxiety

13. Get more publishing experience

14. Have more confidence in myself

15. Treat myself and others more often

16. Spend more time with family and friends

17. Have a better sleeping schedule

18. Be more organised and tidy

19. Learn French again

20. Do more with my days off

21. More make up free days

22. Stop picking at the skin around my nails (gross, I know)

23. Regain more balance in my life

24. Attempt NaNoWriMo 2019

25. Get a tattoo


Total goals accomplished: 36/72

I managed to complete exactly half of my goals in 2019 which I’m overjoyed about. It may seem silly to have so many broad goals for the year instead of a select few, but I honestly prefer it this way. It’s a great way of looking back and reflecting on how far you’ve come in a year.

Yes, some goals were more achievable and easier than others, but it’s all baby steps and adds up to the bigger picture. If you’re like me and get stressed out by only having a small handful of goals to reach then it may be worth creating your own list and going back over it at different points of 2020 to see how you’re doing. 🙂

Thank you all for the love and support you’ve shown me this year through liking, following and commenting on my blog and social media, I really do appreciate it!

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