The Stay Home Reading Rush // My TBR

Let's frolic through the garden! (20)

Hi everyone!

How are we all doing? Hope you’re keeping safe!

Today’s post is ANOTHER readathon announcement. I know, I’m just as shocked as you are! As my hours have been reduced in work, now is a good time for me to occupy myself by trying to get some more books read from my ever growing tbr and readathons are a perfect way to do this!

In addition to the Magical Readathon 2020, I’ve decided to do the Stay Home Reading Rush too. If you’re unsure of what the Stay Home Reading Rush is, it’s a four day readathon running from 16th (TODAY) – 19th April. This is not the full Reading Rush event, that will be taking place on 22nd-28th July 2020, but this a shorter readathon to keep us all connected during these unprecedented times.

Please check out the Reading Rush website for more information here or check out the video below:

I’ll also be completing the Stay Home Reading Rush tag mentioned in this video in my next post, so stay tuned for that! πŸ™‚

Enjoy and stay safe,

ash x

There are four prompts for the readathon, but I’m going to be doubling up one two of them so will try to read 3 books over the 4 days. As I’m working for 2/4 of the days I decided to choose a shorter book too. I’ve got to be realistic and the likelihood of me reading 4 books in 4 days isn’t very high – haha.

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The Doll House – Phoebe Morgan


The Doll House has been on my TBR since I received a gifted copy from the HQ Crime Showcase in 2018. I know – a long time ago! I thought now would be the perfect time to finally pick up this book and as I’ve also got an ebook of it, I can read it on my lunch breaks too!

Let's frolic through the garden! (22)

To Kill a Kingdom – Alexandra Christo

This is another book that’s been on my TBR for far too long. If you’ve read my O.W.L’s Readathon TBR post, then you’ll know I’m reading this for the Arithmancy prompt to complete my Magical Shop Management course.

If you’ve not checked that post out you can do so here.

I received this at a Hot Key Blogger’s Brunch in 2018. Alexandra Christo was there and kindly signed the book. She also read a passage from TKAK and it sounded brilliant. I don’t know why I’ve waited so long to read this, I’ve heard some great things about it too!

Let's frolic through the garden! (23)

To Kill a Kingdom – Alexandra Christo

I’ve decided to be realistic and double up for this prompt. I’d love to be able to go to the sea at the moment, especially as I’m no longer going to France this year and TKAK fits this prompt perfectly!

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George’s Marvellous Medicine – Roald Dahl

I’ve gone down the nostalgic route for the final prompt. As a child, nothing made me smile more than a Roald Dahl book and I think rereading George’s Marvellous Medicine this weekend will be so much fun. As it’s only a quick read I should be able to read this in one sitting. I’ve not read it for years so I can’t wait to pick it back up again!

If you’re wondering why there’s two books in the photo, the hardback contains 3 Roald Dahl stories. I think I’m going to be using this book to read George’s Marvellous Medicine as my copy at the front is not in the best condition!

Bookstagram challenges:

If you’re on Bookstagram, there’s also daily photo prompts you can get involved with. I might try and complete these if I have time, but my main focus is going to be on the reading challenge itself.

Here are the 4 Bookstagram Prompts:

Thursday: Take a photo of your favourite reading spot!
Friday: Take a photo of your favourite bookmark!
Saturday: Take a photo of your bookshelves!
Sunday: Take a photo of a book outside!

So there we have it, my TBR for The Stay Home Reading Rush 2020. I think this is such a great decision and gives us book lovers something to get involved with. The team spirit of readathons is always great and I can’t wait to get involved in the discussions and reading sprints on Twitter over the next few days.

Are you taking part in the readathon? If you are, what book are you most looking forward to reading? Do you think you’ll complete the readathon? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to know!


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44 thoughts on “The Stay Home Reading Rush // My TBR

  1. Debbie says:

    The Doll House looks so creepy and I love that! I hope that it is as creepy as it looks like. Dolls in horror movies creep me out!


  2. Lara (@WordsWithLara) says:

    omg I cannot keep up with all the readathons that are happening at the moment, and also how do I keep missing them?? Looks like you’ve got some good books lined up. To Kill a Kingdom is on my tbr too and I need to read it asap so I’ll be curious to hear your thoughts on that one.


  3. cielobellerose says:

    These a great book picks! Sadly I couldn’t participate in this Readathon, probably next time though!
    I’ve been wanting to read To Kill A Kingdom since forever, can’t wait to see what are your thoughts on itπŸ€—


  4. H.T.King says:

    I feel like I’m the only bookworm I know that doesn’t have loads of reading time atm. If anything my hours are up because getting anything done remotely is super difficult!

    But great readathon. Do you have any plans on doing a themes readathon?


  5. Gabby says:

    I love your choice for a book that makes you smile. I’ve loved Roald Dahl since I was a kid, too and I still read his books today! I think I might look more into participatin gin the Reading Rush for July. I’ve never participated in one before, but I have a LOT more downtime now than I used to with everything going on, so maybe I can take advantage of it! This was a great post, I hope your readathon went well!


  6. phanniebeingginger says:

    I’ve only read To Kill A Kingdom and I loved the audiobook. I hope that you’ve enjoyed the readathon? And that you managed to keep up with your goals! πŸ™‚


  7. Sarah | Sarah's Book Life says:

    Hope you enjoyed this readathon!
    I love George’s Marvellous Medicine and To Kill a Kingdom is so good too!


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