It’s Okay To Take A Break

Hi everyone,

Long time, no talk!

I’m sorry I’ve been so absent over the last two months, there is a very good reason for it, that I will be going into in this post!

Thank you for all sticking around!


I’ve Got A New Job

If you’re not following me on any of my other socials, you may not know that I started a new job at the start of September! I’ve left retail and am finally pursuing a career in writing!

A career more closely liked to my degree is something I’ve wanted for a long time. I’ve been looking for a job in content writing or editing for a long time and I’m so happy to be finally doing what I love as a career.

While I loved the team I worked with and enjoyed working with animals, I felt that it was time for something different. Working throughout a pandemic was an interesting one!

I’m almost two months into my new job now, and I love it. I’m working from home and the team is lovely. The job itself is great and I’ve written about some interesting topics! You know you love your job when it doesn’t feel like you’re working!

I love writing, that’s one of the reasons why I set up this blog, so to do it as my job really is the dream! 🙂 

What Does This Mean For My Blog

So as I’ve been settling into my new job, my blog has taken a bit of a back seat. This year I’ve requested a lot less arcs, so that I’m not tied to too many deadlines, which I’m glad I’ve done!

Given this, it has meant that I haven’t had to focus on my blog as much over the last few months. While I love posting and sharing my thoughts on books, I haven’t been putting too much pressure on myself to post.

I want to apologise for the lack of content and I’m hoping to upload more frequently again in the near future. 


^ Guess the TV Show haha.

So, for now I’ve made the difficult decision to take a short hiatus. While this may seem over dramatic, this is kind of a big deal for me. For the three years I’ve been book blogging I’ve never officially taken a break. While there have been months where I haven’t posted content, I’ve never announced an official hiatus.

But, I feel like this is the best thing to do for now. In all honesty, it’s been quite nice not feeling the pressure to post content. For a while, the content I was writing felt a bit forced and I think taking a step back to re-evaluate what I want to post will be good for me.

The Future of For The Love Of Books

I’m going to be taking the next few months off blogging, but I’m not going to be setting an exact date of when I’m going to be back. If I have some blogging commitments such as ARC reviews, I will still be posting these. 🙂

This is by no means goodbye forever. I want to take the time away to decide on the content and books I want to share moving forward. A hiatus will give me time to schedule some posts in advance too. This will help to take the pressure off writing towards deadlines 🙂

I’ve recently rekindled my love for horror books. I’ve always been fascinated by all things creepy since I was young and when I joined the book community, I focused my reading on more contemporary and YA books. While I’ve still read some horrors, they have been few and far between. 

Although I always read as widely as possible, I want to dedicate more of this blog to horror and perhaps different kinds of book content. 

Reading Updates

Recently I’ve decided to start collecting the Stephen King Rainbow Hodders. They are out of print so you can only get them second hand, but they are so beautiful! My friend Beth (@ReadByBeth on Twitter) has completed her collection and has inspired me to collect them too!

I purchased Pet Sematary to read for her Read By Spooktober and then thought to myself that I need the whole collection – typical book hoarder lol. Can you believe it was the first Stephen King book I’d ever read? I loved it!


This is my Stephen King collection so far, but I have a few more rainbow Hodders on the way! 🙂

I think it would be fun to share my collecting journey on here with you all. Let me know if this would be something you’re interested in! A lot of people have started to collect them now, so I can share the prices and where I got the books from so far!


Since starting my new job, I decided to give Bookstagram another go. I’ve posted on there over the last few years, but never found a theme I liked and felt too much pressure to be perfect.

Since restarting I’ve taken the pressure off myself and have been really enjoying posting on there regularly. I’ve found it’s less time consuming than blogging and something that has been fun to do!

If you would like to keep up with my daily life and reading, feel free to give me a follow over on Instagram. I’m @FTLOBOOKS over there and will follow you back! 🙂 

The Bookstagram community has been so lovely and welcoming and I recently hit 1,000 followers too! 


I’m also over on twitter, which is @FTLOBOOKS too. I’ve been spending a lot less time on Twitter recently, and honestly feel so much better for it.

I love book Twitter, but it can quickly become a little toxic. It’s been nice taking a step back from it and reassess how I want to use my social media.

While I’ll still be posting on Twitter, I am more active on Bookstagram these days 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. You deserve a medal if you’ve made it this far!

Thank you for all of your love and support, this is such a great community to be a part of. While I know that you will be supportive about this hiatus, I felt I needed to officially share it so you know that I haven’t just disappeared!

I hope to post some yearly wrap ups around Christmas but I’m not going to promise it in case it doesn’t happen. I will definitely be back in the new year, hopefully with a new schedule and some planned content!

I hope you stick around, thank you if you do. It’s been such a crazy year, but I’m glad that it’s not all been negative 🙂 

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7 thoughts on “It’s Okay To Take A Break

  1. Ruby Jo says:

    Congratulations on your new job! It’s very good to take a break sometimes, because it definitely gives you time to figure things out. I hope to see you back with new content that you’re passionate about!

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