Book review | The Boyband Murder Mystery – Ava Eldred | #AD-Gifted

Title: The Boyband Murder Mystery
Author: Ava Eldred
Publication date: 27/5/2021
My rating:
Goodreads rating:
YA, Murder mystery, music, contemporary

I would like to thank Harriet Venn Love and Penguin Random House for sending me a AD-PR copies of this book to review. All opinions and views are my own and are not influenced by receiving a copy of this book in any way. I would also like to thank the author, Ava Eldred.


‘I have long believed that loving a boyband brings with it a wealth of transferable skills, but I’d never imagined solving a murder would be one of them…’

Harri and her best friends worship Half Light – an internationally famous boyband.

When frontman Frankie is arrested on suspicion of murdering his oldest friend Evan, Harri feels like her world’s about to fall apart.

But quickly she realises that she – and all the other Half Light superfans out there – know and understand much more about these boys than any detective ever could.

Now she’s rallying a fangirl army to prove Frankie’s innocence – and to show the world that you should never underestimate a teenage girl with a passion…

Overall opinion of the book:

I thought this was such a fantastic book. The writing was engaging, and it was such a great plot. I haven’t come across another book that talks about Boy bands and fangirling in such a way before, and it was honestly a joy to read.

Having been a fangirl in my childhood and teenage years (but who am I kidding, I still am one now) I felt like I connected with the characters and how they felt so much.

Their love for the band was something I’ve experience with many bands over the years, and I loved that the author, Ava Eldred, was a fangirl of V like I was back in the day too!

What was great about this story is that the main characters are over 18 and are carrying out internships and Harri is at university. There’s definitely not enough YA books that cover this sort of demographic, and it’s great to see. The characters all acted according to their age too, which doesn’t always happen in YA as sometimes they will seem younger than they actually are.

I loved all the characters and enjoyed seeing their determination to get Frankie cleared of murder. This was a perfect combination of everything I love in books – murders, mysteries and music.

The plot was well thought out and while I had my suspicions, I didn’t expect the ending to pan out like it did – it was so intriguing!

What was interesting about the plot is seeing Harri and her friends mature as the story progressed. While the Half Light members go on a journey, so do the girls in their self discovery. In a way this is a sort of coming of age story intertwined with a murder mystery.

There were so many layers to the story and all of the plot was well thought out. It was interesting that it was acknowledged that band members are only human and that they do make mistakes.

This is certainly the case here and often we do hold celebrities on a pedestal when perhaps they shouldn’t be!

In addition to this, I loved the sense of community it portrays, being part of a fandom truly is an amazing thing and does connect you so many friends across the world. When meeting them in person, it’s so fantastic, which I think is portrayed well in this book.

I can’t get over that this is a debut novel, it’s well written, engaging and the pace is great. It was easy to read and I was engrossed from start to finish! I would have liked for it to have gone into detail about the murder a little more, but the focus of the book in on so much more than this, which is great.

Final thoughts:

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It had me hooked from beginning to end and I wanted to find out everything there was to know about Half Light.

The writing style was fantastic, and I loved all the cheeky Boy band references throughout. I’m preeeeeeeeeetty sure Ava Eldred snuck a V reference info to story too, which is amazing!

I also have to point out how cool the arcs of this book were, and I’m still obsessed with the VIP lanyard that was sent out with the book – it’s so cool!

If you’re a fan of music, murder mysteries and YA – this is the perfect book for you!

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